Frown Line Wrinkles & Collagen and other filler materials

Filler materials have a totally different mechanism of action than Botox does. The filer material is injected into the skin, not the muscle. It physically takes up space and pumps up the skin. This makes for an excellent secondary procedure in the patient with heavy, established wrinkles. The primary cause of wrinkles is the muscles in the face, which over time create deep lines. What the lip fillers Melbourne material like collagen does is plump up the area around the wrinkle to help eliminate it this combined with Botox, is the most effective way to eliminate wrinkles.

Long term effects of Botox:

Very slowly over many years if botox patients prevent the muscles from coming back to full strength, fine lines actually get better over the years.

The skin has a tremendous healing ability. The skin can actually remodel itself over many years and look better and better with time.

Botox is quite remarkable if you look at frown lines or the forehead area or crow’s feet area of a patient and note that the area without surgery, just with Botox injections, actually looks better ten years later than it did at the start of the Botox treatment.

ften when frown lines have been around for a long time and are deep, Botox cannot eliminate them at first. The wrinkle is just too established to simply disappear. But Botox can at least make the wrinkle less visible, which is what Botox is really good at. It is important that you know this ahead of time so you know what to expect of a Botox injection. Usually people are still very happy with what they see. Sometimes it is necessary for the patient to have an additional in-office treatment using a filler material like collagen to get rid of those really hard to get frown lines.

You hear the word ‘paralyzed’ a lot in association with botox, but in fact only a small percentage of the muscles that are injected are truly paralyzed. Most muscles need only to be somewhat weakened or relaxed to give the best results possible. Most patients like the after effects and don’t miss looking unhappy or angry.

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