Wrinkles and your skin:

Botox has many great side effects and really is the best answer to your wrinkle problems. But the true hero is your skin, its healing ability plays the main role in your results. Very slowly over years of injections, patients can prevent the muscles from coming back full strength, the original line is minimized to a moderate or fine line by Botox and actually gets better. That’s a testament to the healing ability of the skin, which can remodel itself over time and look better and better.

Getting rid of Frown lines is life changing:

Most patients get rid of their frown lines and are quite happy with the ability of not being able to frown and look angry. I view this as an additional benefit. Coutless millions of people say they get along better with people at work and generally people are nicer to them after their injections. I think this is because people have the tendency to frown or scowl and look angry all the time, not just when they are angry. People have very strong muscles in the frowning area and even when the muscle is at rest, its tone looks like a scowl. Some people report that after removing their frown lines, it has changed their life. For these people it is not a luxury but a requirement for their jobs.

On aspect of injecting Botox is the pain. Of all the different parts of the face that can be injected the frown area seems to hurt people the most. This is because for Botox to work its best, it must be directly injected into the muscle. Muslces in the frown area are deep, lying right on top of the bone. This requires a very deep injection. Another reason for the pain is the abundance of sensory nerves in this area.

Botox is for Men too

For many years news reports, magazines and the media have portrayed Botox as for Women only. The reason being is that Women have more facelifts, liposuction, chemical peels, and collagen than men, so the advertising is direted at them. Men are most definately not left out and if you have a forehead that really frowns and really bad crow’s feet than you too can benefit from Botox injections.

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