Good effects of Botox in Melbourne outweigh the negative

Wrinkles and your skin:

Botox has many great side effects and really is the best answer to your wrinkle problems. But the true hero is your skin, its healing ability plays the main role in your results. Very slowly over years of injections, patients can prevent the muscles from coming back full strength, the original line is minimized to a moderate or fine line by Botox and actually gets better. That’s a testament to the healing ability of the skin, which can remodel itself over time and look better and better.

Getting rid of Frown lines is life changing:

Most patients get rid of their frown lines and are quite happy with the ability of not being able to frown and look angry. I view this as an additional benefit. Coutless millions of people say they get along better with people at work and generally people are nicer to them after their injections. I think this is because people have the tendency to frown or scowl and look angry all the time, not just when they are angry. People have very strong muscles in the frowning area and even when the muscle is at rest, its tone looks like a scowl. Some people report that after removing their frown lines, it has changed their life. For these people it is not a luxury but a requirement for their jobs.

On aspect of injecting Botox is the pain. Of all the different parts of the face that can be injected the frown area seems to hurt people the most. This is because for Botox to work its best, it must be directly injected into the muscle. Muslces in the frown area are deep, lying right on top of the bone. This requires a very deep injection. Another reason for the pain is the abundance of sensory nerves in this area.

Botox is for Men too

For many years news reports, magazines and the media have portrayed Botox as for Women only. The reason being is that Women have more facelifts, liposuction, chemical peels, and collagen than men, so the advertising is direted at them. Men are most definately not left out and if you have a forehead that really frowns and really bad crow’s feet than you too can benefit from Botox injections.

Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne & Eyebrow Feathering

The present beauty trend or fashion that is sweeping the entire world is that of possessing thick natural eyebrows which is a very difficult thing to do for those who do not have dense hair growth because of some reasons. Activities like threading, waxing and overzealous plucking leave behind sparse and wispy eyebrows that appear very thin and fine and this is not something that is prevailing in the present fashion industry. Women try out various methods of getting those dense and thick eyebrows but it is something that is completely natural and has to be managed in the proper manner. However, there are exist some of the most useful products for eyebrow growth that are available throughout the market and they are considered to be of great help in getting people fabulous and full eyebrows. Some of the useful products for eyebrow growth have been elaborated below:

Eyebrow Tattooing,

A lot of the girls now days are trying Eyebrow Tattoo’s or Eyebrow feathering which is where they use a pigment to add volume to your brows. It looks great and coat any where between $400 and $800.


The application of Rogaine on the eyebrows is done by the use of a Q-tip for reshaping the eyebrows. This is one eyebrow product that takes nearly six months time to show the best growth results and therefore little patience is always required while using this product and in going a long way with the use of this treatment. Rogaine has specially been designed to help in the prevention of hair loss and is works very well for people who are trying to retain their individual eyebrows more than those people who look forward to growing their eyebrows on a completely new level.

Eyebrow Renewal Serum

Eyebrow renewal serum is a product intended for eyebrow growth and it is made from vitamins, minerals and peptide. It treats the How To Grow Eyebrows in a natural way and has been proven to be very effective in eyebrow growth.

Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Eyebrow enhancing serum helps in conditioning the eyebrows and preventing any sort of breakage o the eyebrows. This is an eyebrow growth product that consists of a number of peptides, botanical extracts and vitamins that make it very soothing and cool when applied. With constant application of this product, hair on the eyebrows starts appearing within a very few days and it is only because of this reason that this product is considered to be the best eyebrow product for maintaining the shape and the fullness of the eyebrows.


Latisse is basically a prescription eyebrow growth item that produces guaranteed results. It can be availed on the prescription of a dermatologist. The hair produced by the use of this product is a little finer than natural eyebrow hair but it obviously makes the eyebrow look fuller and in perfect shape as well. However, there is one thing that is noteworthy about this product. It has to be used on a continual basis because once stopped using, the eyebrows return to their original thin and sparse growth. Therefore, proper preparations are required to be taken in order to make up one’s mind to use this product.

Lip Fillers Melbourne

Frown Line Wrinkles & Collagen and other filler materials

Filler materials have a totally different mechanism of action than Botox does. The filer material is injected into the skin, not the muscle. It physically takes up space and pumps up the skin. This makes for an excellent secondary procedure in the patient with heavy, established wrinkles. The primary cause of wrinkles is the muscles in the face, which over time create deep lines. What the lip fillers Melbourne material like collagen does is plump up the area around the wrinkle to help eliminate it this combined with Botox, is the most effective way to eliminate wrinkles.

Long term effects of Botox:

Very slowly over many years if botox patients prevent the muscles from coming back to full strength, fine lines actually get better over the years.

The skin has a tremendous healing ability. The skin can actually remodel itself over many years and look better and better with time.

Botox is quite remarkable if you look at frown lines or the forehead area or crow’s feet area of a patient and note that the area without surgery, just with Botox injections, actually looks better ten years later than it did at the start of the Botox treatment.

ften when frown lines have been around for a long time and are deep, Botox cannot eliminate them at first. The wrinkle is just too established to simply disappear. But Botox can at least make the wrinkle less visible, which is what Botox is really good at. It is important that you know this ahead of time so you know what to expect of a Botox injection. Usually people are still very happy with what they see. Sometimes it is necessary for the patient to have an additional in-office treatment using a filler material like collagen to get rid of those really hard to get frown lines.

You hear the word ‘paralyzed’ a lot in association with botox, but in fact only a small percentage of the muscles that are injected are truly paralyzed. Most muscles need only to be somewhat weakened or relaxed to give the best results possible. Most patients like the after effects and don’t miss looking unhappy or angry.

Looking for Botox in Melbourne?

Looking for Botox in Melbourne?

Although there are a variety of places to get cosmetic injections, we recommend seeking out a cosmetic clinic that specialises in injectables. There are a number of reasons for this:

Firstly, going somewhere that isn’t a cosmetic clinic leaves you vulnerable to safe practices and a clean environment. While the procedure might seem simple, injectables still need to be treated like any other medical procedure.

Secondly, while the procedure is safe, it’s also important to ensure the person administering your cosmetic injections is not only qualified to do so, but also specialises in the area. This ensures that the procedure is not only done safely, but also to ensure that you get the results you’re after. Too much Botox, and you could be left looking like a “frozen faced celebrity”, too little and the affects aren’t noticeable.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic clinic, there are a number of them situated throughout Melbourne.

Botox Treatments.

While there are many places offering Botox in Melbourne, it’s important do your research when choosing a clinic, to ensure you receive a high level of service and quality of results.

There is a lot more to consider for cosmetic injections, than just price, as the amount of injectable you use, the treatment areas and skill of the person administering the anti wrinkle injections all play a role in whether your treatment looks natural, or whether it leaves you with the dreaded “frozen” or fake look.

Research your clinic before hand, give them a call and even visit the clinic for a free consultation. To find out more about cosmetic injections, click here.

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If you are considering Anti wrinkle injections in Sydney, then you’ve come to the right place. This site will give you an overview of what’s involved in cosmetic injections, as well as some of the frequently asked questions surrounding anti wrinkle injections. If you’d like more information, we recommend speaking to one of our doctors to make an informed decision around getting cosmetic injections. While speaking to someone about cosmetic enhancements can seem daunting, our doctors are caring, patient and have assisted thousands of others to make an informed decision about cosmetic treatments.

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What is Botox?

Botox (properly known as botulinum toxin) itself is a muscle relaxant chemical used to treat a variety of conditions (wrinkles being just one of them).

While Botulinum has been around for more than a decade, only in the past few years has it gained considerable traction for women serious about reducing wrinkles.

Botox is administered by injecting the chemical into the patient where wrinkles (or the condition) form. The muscles are relaxed and wrinkle lines are smoothed, giving a younger, more rejuvenated appearance. The procedure itself generally takes a little as 10-15 minutes and will last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the person.

If you want to know more about cosmetic injections (including the benefits of treatment) Read our FAQ

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Where can I get Cosmetic Injections?